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McAfee Software Fixes Your Home Network's Sloppy Security


The antivirus giant McAfee announced to launch the new “McAfee Secure Home Platform”. It is basically an embedded platform for the routers and the home networking devices with an aim to protect the home devices from the hackers and the malware. In order to provide the best antivirus solutions to its potential users, the antivirus giant McAfee offers the solution program for the networking gear makers to run their devices as well as their mobile apps to manage their networks and devices. This is a bit different from its competitors like Norton, Bit Defender, etc.

The McAfee “Secure Home Platform” is a big deal between the ARRIS and the Intel Security in order to provide the best antivirus for the complete home cyber security. The SBG7580-AC, which will be branded as the “Secure Home Internet” and will be launched soon (probably in July 2017) is a great platform which provides the complete home cyber security and will protect against the malware, phishing, viruses and much more.

As per the top officials involved in a great deal between the McAfee and ARRIS, by 2020 an average household will have more than 50 connected devices including IOT (such as wearables, connected cameras, smart TV appliances) which needs the seamless, powerful and hassle-free security.

The best antivirus solution provided by the McAfee will automatically protect all the Internet-connected devices and keeps your smart home safe and secure by blocking all the threats and the attacks at the router level. This simply means that you have the flexibility security which can be easily operated by easy to use mobile apps.

The key features of the best antivirus are described below:

IOT Device protection

This will protect all your IOT devices and keep you safe and secure by alerting you about the irregular activities and the unidentified users through the mobile app.

Parental Control

It gives you the parental control which helps you in keeping each and every member of the family safe and secure. With the simple use of your mobile app one can exercise the time restriction also.

Kill Switch

This simply means that one can stop any device to connect to the internet at any time. This feature will pause the particular device for the particular time and will resume it whenever appropriate.

Device Fingerprinting

This feature automatically identifies connected devices on the home network, giving users a simple way to understand what devices are attempting to access their Wi-Fi. It also offers additional details like device types, their operating systems and device names, including IoT devices.

Pause Network

Want all the family members to come together. Pause the Internet connection which will show the error message on all the devices “connection time out”.

Device Isolation

With this feature, one can control the guest devices i.e. given the guest access and protect the home Wi-Fi.

Smart and Seamless Protection

It uses the smart cloud to protect the internet connected devices against all the threats, viruses, malware, phishing websites, etc.

This is really a unique and the advance step in the antivirus protection industry. The price is yet to be decided for the “Smart Home Platform”. But, the price will not matter for those who wants the complete family protection even in their protection!!!!



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