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Why McAfee is the best Antivirus?


As per the research by the top agencies over one million new malware is released on the web, every day. A rough estimation says that over 360 million new malware threats are released a year! This simply means that you are under the risk of high threat zone while surfing the Internet, if done without any antivirus protection. This necessarily means that people are looking out for the best and the cheap antivirus solutions.

The market is flooded with the various types of the antiviruses. As per the research, the antivirus solution provider market is constantly growing. With the availability of the various types of the antivirus solutions in the market, the people are getting more confused in buying the best antivirus online. With the more and more features in every suite, it used to be very complex to differentiate between the antivirus and a security suite. One of the best available antiviruses is McAfee. It comes in the various versions and types.

One of the best and the latest version of the McAfee is the McAfee Antivirus Plus (2017). It not just provides the firewall protection and a veritable host of extra security highlights, yet it additionally allows the multiple installations on the majority of your Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android gadgets. That kind of multi-stage assurance used to be something you'd just get a suite. Some of the best features of the McAfee Antivirus Plus are described below:

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Real Time Protection

The latest product of the McAfee comes with the real time protection. This simply means that the McAfee antivirus Plus feature uses the complete new virus detection and remediation engine, called the Real Protect. It helps in the detection and the removal of the viruses, malware, rootkit, spyware, etc. in the real time. Means it detects and alerts you as any of the infectious items attacks your PC, laptop or Android.

Protection Against Phishing Websites

Enjoy the completely new world of the Internet with the McAfee antivirus solution. McAfee goes beyond the security level to provide you the best security out of the best. It provides the protection against the malicious websites, so, that you can enjoy the net safely and securely.


Yes, the best part of the McAfee antivirus is that it comes with the quarantine feature. This simply means that the antivirus removes and sends the virus infected file in the special area called “Quarantine”. If that file is important for you, you can simply restore it from there after removing the virus or can simply remove the file (if not important).

Online Protection

The antivirus solution comes with the online protection. Apart from the real-time protection, it provides the online or the identity protection also. It (McAfee antivirus) protects your data and the important files from the hackers. The identity protection helps you to keep safe and protects what matters you the most from stealing.

Deep and Quick Scans

Though the antivirus comes with the variety of the features, the best one is the deep and the quick scans. As per your convenience, the deep or the quick scan will be performed.

If you want to protect the multiple Pcs without any hole in the pocket then, McAfee is the best and the ultimate choice.



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